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The ACCU Scheme project map is an interactive map of Australia which provides an overview of the volume, location and type of projects happening across the country.

The project register can be used by buyers who want to find possible sources of ACCUs. It can also be used by people who want to buy land that has an ACCU Scheme project on it. This will help them factor into the sale price the potential costs and benefits of the project.

The contract register may be used by ACCU holders who want to find existing contract holders that may be willing to buy their ACCUs. 

ACCUs released during fixed delivery exit arrangement

We have released 126,846 ACCUs to the market during the fourth pilot window of the fixed delivery exit arrangement. These contractors delivered 47,212 ACCUs to meet the 20% minimum partial delivery requirement. 

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About the project register

The project register and map shows the number, location and type of ACCU Scheme projects happening across Australia.

It includes:

  • a description of the project
  • location of the project
  • number of ACCUs issued
  • number of ACCUs relinquished
  • any carbon maintenance obligations in place.

Please see the following tables for updates to the register as at 23 June 2024, since the previous register update (data as at 9 June 2024).

Projects Registered since last update

Project ProponentProject NameMethod TypeProject Location
CARBON FIX PTY LIMITEDGreenacres Carbon CaptureVegetationNew South Wales
Andrew Richard Knight as the trustee for the Andrew Knight Family Trust; The Trustee for the Warwick Knight Family TrustHollymount Carbon ProjectAgricultureNew South Wales
Snowy Mountains Forests Pty Limited as trustee for the Snowy Mountains Forests Australia TrustSnowy Mountains Forests Plantation Carbon Project #1VegetationNew South Wales
PERMAGEN PLANTING MANAGEMENT PTY LTDAnsfield Reforestation ProjectVegetationNew South Wales
LMS Energy Pty LtdGlenfield Landfill Gas ProjectWasteSouth Australia
GROUP ENERGY PTY LTDPlantation Pine Products Australia - Plantation Forestry Project PPP4VegetationNew South Wales, Victoria
LEMONADE VALLEY PTY LTDLemonade Valley Planting ProjectVegetationWestern Australia
HANCOCK VICTORIAN PLANTATIONS PTY LIMITEDGippsland 2024 Carbon ProjectVegetationVictoria
Feral Pty. Ltd. as trustee for The Feral TrustRanges Bridge Pilot ProjectVegetationQueensland

Projects Revoked since last update

Project ProponentProject NameMethod TypeProject Location
There were no updates of this type.

ACCUs issued since last update

Project ProponentProject NameMethod TypeProject LocationACCUs issued since last update
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedMoquilambo Native Forest Protection ProjectVegetationNew South Wales75001
Shell Energy Trading Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Shell Energy Trading Unit TrustOut Performers Energy Efficiency ProjectEnergy EfficiencyNation Wide62605
Wiltshire Cattle Pty Ltd as the Trustee for Wiltshire Cattle TrustWesterton Regeneration ProjectVegetationQueensland45704
Landfill Operations Pty LtdMRL LFG Abatement ProjectWasteVictoria40092
Australian Integrated Carbon Financial Services Pty LtdYuin Station, Murchison HIR AggregationVegetationWestern Australia31027
IGAS OPERATIONS PTY LTDMaddingly LFG ProjectWasteVictoria28509
French, Tania Roslyn and French, Gregory ShayneBimbijy Station Regeneration Project.VegetationWestern Australia27520
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedNorth Queensland Conservation Initiative Site #3VegetationQueensland26065
Grimwade & Gordon Land Pty Ltd as trustee for Grimwade & Gordon Land TrustEllavale Native Forest Protection ProjectVegetationNew South Wales24397
Hamilton Developments (VIC) Pty LtdLila Springs Native Forest Protection ProjectVegetationNew South Wales22637
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedSouthwell StationSavanna BurningQueensland21475
EDL LFG (VIC) Pty LtdBrooklyn Landfill Gas ProjectWasteVictoria20134
FOREVER CARBON CORRIDORS PTY LTDSunnyside Permanent Planting ProjectVegetationWestern Australia18643
Old Mapoon Aboriginal CorporationMapoon Carbon ProjectSavanna BurningQueensland17121
VEOLIA RECYCLING & RECOVERY ANZ PTY LIMITEDPort Stephens Waste Management Composting FacilityWasteNew South Wales16130
Sunset Ranch Pty LtdSunset Ranch Native Forest Protection ProjectVegetationNew South Wales15293
Keane, David CharlesWaverley Downs Regeneration ProjectVegetationNew South Wales13389
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedDarling River Eco Corridor 9VegetationNew South Wales12269
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedYork Downs StationSavanna BurningQueensland11347
Cleanaway Solid Waste Pty LtdBanksia Landfill Gas Abatement ProjectWasteWestern Australia10441
Braidwood Investments (WA) Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Bowler TrustBraidwood Regeneration ProjectVegetationQueensland9540
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedDarling River Eco Corridor #26VegetationNew South Wales9143
Louise Marie Turner and Zane Barry Turner as the trustees for Goodwood Investments TrustGoodwood Pastoral Regeneration ProjectVegetationNew South Wales7454
Leigo, Neill Robert and Leigo, Debra AnnParoowidgee Regeneration ProjectVegetationNew South Wales7402
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedBundella North Native Forest Protection ProjectVegetationNew South Wales6795
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedDarling River Conservation Initiative Site #7VegetationNew South Wales4654
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedCurranyalpa Human-Induced Regeneration ProjectVegetationNew South Wales3780
Rivalea (Australia) Pty LtdRivalea Bungowannah Piggery Biogas ProjectAgricultureNew South Wales3487
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedDarling River Conservation Initiative Site #11VegetationNew South Wales3481
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedDarling River Conservation Initiative Site #8VegetationNew South Wales3330
LMS Energy Pty LtdCessnock Landfill Gas ProjectWasteNew South Wales3199
PANIRI HOLDINGS PTY LTD, Paniri Ventures Pty LtdBurns Carbon ProjectVegetationQueensland3109
LMS Energy Pty LtdHervey Range Landfill Gas ProjectWasteQueensland2783
Terra Carbon Pty LimitedGlen Hope Native Forest Protection ProjectVegetationNew South Wales2291

ACCUs relinquished since last update

Project ProponentProject NameMethod TypeProject Location
There were no updates of this type.

About the carbon abatement contract register

The contract register includes information about:

  • carbon abatement contracts awarded by us
  • contract duration
  • end date and status
  • volume of ACCUs contracted, released and delivered for each contract
  • contract holder and ACCU Scheme project for each contract.

A total of 2,464,442 ACCUs have been sold under carbon abatement contracts to the Commonwealth since 12 January 2023. Under specific circumstances, these ACCUs will be available for use in the Safeguard Mechanism’s cost-containment measure. We will provide more information about the implementation of the cost-containment measure at a later date.

Multiple contracts 

We list each contract separately. Some contractors have multiple contracts. 

Optional delivery contracts 

We have awarded optional delivery contracts since March 2020. These give sellers the option to sell carbon abatement to us. If the seller doesn't exercise their right to sell carbon abatement to us for a given delivery milestone, the volume of abatement committed under the optional delivery contract reduces from the original volume of abatement committed.

Expiry dates

Contracts expire when all obligations are finalised. Contracts will also lapse where conditions precedent haven't been fulfilled or waived by the expiry date set out in the contract. There may be a delay in reflecting a conditions precedent or activated contract ending in the contract register. This is due to ongoing contract negotiations between the seller and us.

Fixed delivery exit arrangements or lapsed optional delivery milestones

From 15 November 2023 the contract register includes information on contract volume that has been released through fixed delivery exit arrangements or through lapsed optional delivery milestones.

Human-induced regeneration (HIR) and native forest from managed regrowth (NFMR) projects

From 12 July 2020, the contract register includes extensions to the delivery periods of some contracts for HIR and NFMR projects. We granted extensions for certain projects after release and implementation of the Guidelines on stratification evidence and records for HIR and NFMR.

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