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Client Portal

Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme services are moving to Online Services

Our forms will be transitioning first. Find out when the service you need is moving so you can plan your activity. 

Client Portal provides access to scheme participant resources. You must register for a Client Portal account to access EERS, ANREU and the REC Registry.

Use Client Portal to:

  • apply for and run ACCU projects (for some methods)
  • manage carbon abatement contracts and deliver ACCUs
  • manage access to ACCU Scheme projects, contracts and ANREU accounts
  • manage user access for National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme
  • apply to include or modify models in the register of solar water heaters
  • apply for Emission-Intensive Trade-Exposed exemption certificates.

It’s free to register for the Client Portal. You'll be directed via Online Services.

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More information

Client Portal guide

Online Services

ACCU Scheme transition

ACCU Scheme services are progressively moving from Client Portal to Online Services. Find out how this affects you.

Online Services will replace Client Portal. Currently, Online Services provides access to accounts and services, including the Client Portal.

Use Online Services to:

  • apply for and run ACCU projects (for some methods)
  • open an ANREU account
  • update authorised representatives and their roles for an ANREU account
  • provide Renewable Energy Target inverter serial numbers
  • opt-in and report under the Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency report
  • apply under the Safeguard Mechanism for:
    • emissions-intensity determination
    • multi-year monitoring periods
    • report annual productions at a safeguard facility.

It’s free to register for Online Services.

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REC Registry

Renewable Energy Target participants can create, transfer and surrender renewable energy certificates.

Use the REC Registry to:

  • surrender certificates to meet annual obligations
  • view accredited power stations
  • transfer certificates
  • find information about the certificate market
  • create small-scale technology certificates and large-scale generation certificates
  • access public registers.

Get access

You need an Online Services account to access the REC Registry.

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Emissions and Energy Reporting System

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting participants must complete reporting under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007. You must login to EERS to enter data and submit your reports. Reports from previous years are available through EERS.

If you need to update or change user access for your organisation, please log into Client Portal.

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Australian National Registry of Emissions Units

ANREU securely tracks the location and ownership of ACCUs. Users can transfer, cancel, or relinquish emission units.

Emissions units held in ANREU include:

  • Australian carbon credit units
  • certified emission reductions
  • emission reduction units
  • removal units.

Apply for an ANREU account

You must complete 'Open an ANREU account form' through Online Services to apply.

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