To become a registered greenhouse and energy auditor, you must demonstrate knowledge of our legislation and experience in auditing.

You can apply for registration by submitting an application form and supporting documentation.

Legislative framework

Rules and criteria are set out in the:

Under the Act, we're responsible for registering greenhouse and energy auditors. As part of this, we maintain a register of auditors.

Eligibility to register

To be eligible for registration, you must demonstrate you meet the eligibility criteria.

As part of the eligibility criteria, you must:

  • be a fit and proper person
  • have tertiary qualifications (a degree or equivalent)
  • know the relevant legislation administered by us
  • know audit, assurance and team leadership
  • have over 1,000 hours of experience in auditing and preparing audit reports
  • have over 700 hours of experience in leading audit teams
  • provide referees who can attest to your competency.

The Instrument provides more details on these requirements. It outlines the qualifications, knowledge, training and experience you need to meet the criteria.

Divisions 6.4 to 6.6 of the Regulations also provide more information on the criteria.

How to register

Under the legislation, only the audit team leader needs to be registered. The Regulations outline requirements for other members of the audit team.

We no longer accept new Category 1 registrations. Existing Category 1 auditors will remain on the register of auditors.

Complete the application

To apply for registration, you must complete the application for registration as a greenhouse and energy auditor.

Use the application form if you want to:

  • apply for greenhouse and energy auditor registration
  • upgrade your registration from Category 1 greenhouse and energy auditor to Category 2.

You must also submit an Australian Federal Police National Police Check application form with your application.

There are no application fees for applying to register as a greenhouse and energy auditor or for upgrading your registration.

For more information, download our greenhouse and energy auditor registration guidelines.

This steps you through the application form. It also outlines what documentary proof you need to support your application.

Submit your application

You can submit your application form by email or post.



Greenhouse and Energy Auditor Registration
Clean Energy Regulator
GPO Box 621
Canberra ACT 2601

Application process times

We take about 8 weeks to process applications.

Process times are impacted by:

  • the complexity of the application
  • how quickly third parties can verify the information.

Make sure you complete all parts of the application form and submit all supporting documentation.

If your application is successful, we will add your information to the register of auditors.

Meet eligibility criteria through a CPA Australia course

We have an arrangement with CPA Australia to help non-financial auditors become Category 2 greenhouse and energy auditors.

This arrangement provides a pathway for Category 1 auditors and auditors without an accounting background to become Category 2 auditors.

How it works

Under this arrangement, you can apply to enrol in the Advanced Audit and Assurance course. This course is part of the CPA Program.

You can enrol in the course without completing other parts of the CPA Program. You also don't need to become a member of CPA Australia.

If you pass the course, you have demonstrated you know audit, assurance and team leadership. This is one of the eligibility criteria and meets the requirements for Part G of the application form.

To become a registered greenhouse and energy auditor, you still need to:

  • meet other eligibility criteria
  • complete parts A to M of the application form
  • submit a National Police Check consent form.

How to enrol

To enrol in the Advanced Audit and Assurance course, email us at

In your email, you need to confirm:

  • you want to do the Advanced Audit and Assurance course
  • the course will support your application as a Category 2 auditor.

If you're not already a Category 1 auditor, you'll also need to include a summary of your qualifications for registration as a Category 2 registration in your email. The summary should focus on:

  • your experience in auditing
  • your experience in leading or supervising audit teams
  • how you would demonstrate knowledge of the schemes we administer.

If we think you're eligible for Category 2 registration, we'll send you an enrolment form to complete.

We send your form to CPA Australia who will review your application and let you know the outcome. You must also meet the eligibility criteria set by CPA Australia.

If admitted, you will need to pay for the course.

CPA Australia decides if you passed the course, following its policies for the CPA Program.

You can enrol in the full CPA Program, but you need to meet extra eligibility requirements. Completing the Advanced Audit and Assurance course counts as one subject in the CPA Program.

Once you're registered

Once you become a greenhouse and energy auditor, you need to keep meeting requirements to maintain your registration.

You will remain on the register of auditors until you suspend your registration or deregister, or we suspend or deregister you.

For more information, visit maintain your registration as an auditor.