Steps to participate

You can earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) for every tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent you store or avoid emitting in an Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme project.

Follow these steps to learn more about participating in the scheme.

Both you and your project must meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the ACCU Scheme.

Projects must:

  • be new (activities must not have started)
  • go beyond business-as-usual activities
  • not be required by law 
  • not be receiving financial support from specified government programs  
  • not be an excluded activity under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Rule 2015
  • follow an approved method which sets out the rules for running the project and estimating emissions reductions.

You must:

  • have the legal right to carry out the project activities 
  • have a lawful and exclusive right to be issued all ACCUs from the project 
  • undergo a fit and proper person assessment.

Find out more about eligibility requirements.

ACCU Scheme projects and activities reduce greenhouse gas emissions or store carbon by using new technologies or processes.

Eligible projects can include activities like:

  • reforestation and afforestation
  • savanna fire management
  • energy efficiency improvements
  • landfill gas collection and combustion
  • waste reduction
  • agricultural practices. 

The types of projects eligible under the scheme depend on your chosen ACCU Scheme method. Each method outlines the types of activities you can conduct, the rules for running the project and how to measure emissions reductions.

Make sure you understand the eligibility, reporting and auditing requirements for your method.

Choose a method for your project.

Participating in the ACCU Scheme is an important business decision.

Before you apply to participate you should:

  • check the project is viable
  • do a cost-benefit analysis
  • check you have the skills and capabilities to run the project 
  • understand the method
  • consider any technology or equipment you need for the project
  • understand the crediting and reporting periods for your project
  • decide if you want a carbon service provider to give advice or help run your project.

Follow these tips to plan your project.

You can participate in the ACCU Scheme if you are:

  • an individual
  • a sole trader
  • a company
  • a local, state or territory government body or trust.

Before you register a project, you need to decide who the project proponent will be. The project proponent is:

  • responsible for carrying out the project
  • issued all ACCUs for the project
  • legally responsible for meeting all obligations under the law.

You (or the landholder) can also appoint a third party to run, or help you run, the project. These third parties are called carbon service providers.

Find out more about choosing a project proponent.

To run a project and earn ACCUs you need to:

  1. register as a participant
  2. register your project
  3. open an Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU) account.

Find out more about how to apply.

You need to run your project as set out in your chosen ACCU Scheme method.

This includes complying with all monitoring, record keeping, auditing requirements and following instructions for calculating abatement.

You must report on your project to receive ACCUs. You will also need to have your project audited on a regular schedule.

Your reports must meet the requirements set out in the method. They must also include calculations of the actual abatement in the reporting period.

You must report at least every:

  • 2 years for emissions avoidance projects
  • 5 years for sequestration projects.

You may report more often if the method allows.

Reports must include audit reports where scheduled. You must submit an initial audit report with your first project report.

For most projects we will schedule at least 3 audits. We can also trigger extra audits.

Audits must establish the abatement reported for the project are accurate and correct.

You must submit reports using the ACCU Project Report and Crediting Application via the Client Portal.

Find out more about project reporting and audits.

You can apply to claim ACCUs for your project when you provide your reports.

We will assess your claim and report to make sure it complies with legislative and legal obligations.

Once your application is approved, we will issue ACCUs to your ANREU account.

Find out how to apply for ACCUs.

You can choose to sell your ACCUs or hold on to them.

You can sell your ACCUs on the secondary market under a private commercial agreement. This market is not regulated or controlled by the government.

You can also sell your ACCUs to the Australian Government through a carbon abatement contract. If you have a carbon abatement contract, you must deliver ACCUs according to the contract. You will have to transfer your ACCUs to us from your ANREU account. We will pay you the price set out in the contract within 20 business days.

Find out more about buying and selling ACCUs.

Once your project is registered, you need to apply if you want to change or update its details, or cancel it.

Make sure you understand the requirements and conditions of each type of variation. You may need to seek professional advice before you vary your project.

Learn how to make changes to your project.