You can buy and sell small-scale technology certificates (STCs) through the STC open market or the STC clearing house. Anyone with a registered person or registered agent account in REC Registry can trade STCs.

Before trading

Create and register your STCs in the REC Registry.

Before you trade STCs, you must understand:

  • Pricing is dependent on trading within the open market or through the STC clearing house.
  • The buyer and seller must negotiate payment for certificates in the open market outside the REC Registry.
  • Buyers pay into the seller's nominated bank account for purchased certificates in the STC clearing house.
  • Buying STCs is a contract for the sale of goods, and you should provide all required paperwork at the point of sale.
  • We have no role in the sale/trade of certificates.
  • Non-payment issues are a contractual matter between you and the other parties involved.

The STC markets

STCs can be bought and sold through the open market or the STC clearing house.

Pricing in the open market is based on supply and demand and can vary daily. Pricing in the STC clearing house is capped at $40, excluding GST.

Find out more about the STC markets.

STC open market or STC clearing house

We've made a quick comparison list to help you choose where to trade your STCs.

STC open market:

  • You must find a buyer and negotiate a sale with them.
  • Certificates can be traded or sold multiple times before they are surrendered.
  • Sales are quick once you find a buyer.
  • Pricing depends on supply and demand and can vary daily.
  • The buyer and seller organise payment through a contract.
  • We don't regulate the STC open market.

STC clearing house:

  • Buyers and sellers are in one place with no negotiation required.
  • The transfer list holds STCs and sells when a buyer is available.
  • Sellers must have STC clearing house access through their REC Registry account.
  • No guarantee on how long STCs will take to sell due to price competition.
  • The certificate price is set at $40 (excluding GST).
  • You can make and receive payments through STC clearing house accounts.
  • We maintain the STC clearing house.

Transaction disputes

We do not moderate transaction disputes between buyers and sellers. Refer all payment issues to your relevant state and territory fair trading department.