A short history of the development of the Australian national registry of emissions units (ANREU).

January 2008

Request for tender process commenced by the then Department of Climate Change to procure a 'national registry' in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol rules.

28 May 2008

Request for tender issued by the then Department of Climate Change.

24 September 2008

Australian National Registry contract awarded to US based company PQA (now SRA International).

19 December 2008

ANREU connects for the first time with the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change international trading log emissions trading framework.

14 July 2009

Formal notification (from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) for Australia to issue 2 957 579 143 assigned amount units into the Australian Commonwealth accounts.

28 July 2009

Australia's assigned amount units formally transferred into the ANREU Commonwealth holding account under direction from the Minister for Climate Change and Water.

1 September 2009

ANREU is opened to authorised users. Organisations or individuals (non-government) can apply to open accounts and participate in the domestic and international trade of Kyoto units.

8 December 2011

ANREU upgraded to allow for Australian carbon credit units created under approved Carbon Farming Initiative projects to be issued and traded. ANREU changes from 'executive' power backing to legislative backing with the introduction of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Act 2011.

2 April 2012

Administration of the ANREU transferred from the former Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency to the Clean Energy Regulator.