ANREU accounts

You need an Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU) account if:

  • you have a registered Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme project and are eligible to receive ACCUs through an eligible offset project
  • you want to own, transfer, cancel, deliver, surrender or relinquish ACCUs
  • you want to own and transfer safeguard mechanism credit units or are a responsible emitter under the safeguard mechanism and expect to be issued safeguard mechanism credit units
  • you want to own, transfer and cancel certified emission reduction units.

An ANREU account has 3 main parts:

  1. Account holder – the legal entity (person) who owns or holds the account (this can be an individual or an organisation).
  2. Holding accounts – these are associated with the account holder. An account holder can have many holding accounts.
  3. Authorised representative – these are the individuals that access the holding accounts on behalf of the account holder.

Application form

You must complete the 'Open an ANREU account' application through Online Services. You can register as an individual or an organisation.

Open an account

Before you can complete the 'Open an ANREU account' application, you need to make sure the ANREU account holder and authorised representatives are registered in Online Services.

An ANREU account can have as many authorised representatives as required. Each authorised representative must have their own Online Services account. Make sure each person creates an account before you begin.

  • Authorised representatives: if the person isn't already registered for any other scheme, complete and submit the 'Register an individual' form in Online Services. You need to submit a separate form for each authorised representative.
  • Account holder: if the account holder is an organisation and isn't already registered with us, complete and submit the ‘Register an Organisation’ form in Online Services.

Personal information of account representatives is confidential and isn’t published. This is in accordance with ANREU Regulations.

Fit and proper person test

A person must pass the fit and proper test to hold an ANREU account or be an authorised representative.

Find out more about our fit and proper person posture.

Verify identity 

You're required to verify your identity while completing your registration form. You can either:

  • use digital identity verification
  • upload certified copies of original documents.

Only Australian citizens or residents can use the digital identity verification service.

The digital identity verification service supports:

  • Category A documents
    • Australian birth certificate (not extract)
    • Australian citizenship certificate
    • Australian passport
    • Australian visa (foreign passport).
  • Category B documents
    • Australian driver’s licence
    • Medicare card.

If your current name is different to the name on your identity documents, you must provide evidence. This must be provided along with the above 3 identity documents. It can include a:

  • deed poll
  • certified copy of a government issued marriage certificate
  • certificate issued by a government authority that recognises the change of name.

For each document, detailed help is available by clicking on the icon. Ensure you enter the details from the document into the form, in the correct format.

Every document must be certified by a professional. This can be inside or outside Australia.

Certifiers in Australia must be a person identified in the Statutory Declarations Act 1959.

Certifiers outside Australia must be:

  • Australian non-honorary consulate
  • Australian embassy
  • Australian High Commission
  • an Apostille Certificate can be obtained from a Hague Apostille Convention Competent Authority.

If the original document is in a language other than English, a written translation must be provided. This must be certified as a true and correct copy by an authorised translation service such as:

  • an appropriate embassy
  • a professional translation service accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

Your organisation can streamline their identity verification process by supplying their Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN).

If an ABN or ACN isn’t supplied, then your organisation must verify their identity by uploading certified copies.

These must be issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or a similar governing body.

Depending on your type of organisation, you may need to provide:

  • certificate of incorporation or registration with ASIC
  • documentary evidence of organisation existence
  • trust deed and its certificate of registration (if applicable).

Changes to your account

You can update your account's authorised representative or business name in ANREU. For security reasons you can’t update personal details.

You must notify us within 28 days if there is a change to:

  • the organisation name
  • the authorised representative's name or contact details
  • any details which causes you to no longer pass the fit and proper person test

To change your organisation name but keep all other details the same (including ABN/ACN), you must:

You can add a new, remove or update details of your authorised representative and change permissions. 

To make these changes, complete the 'Update an ANREU account' form in Online Services.

Transaction types in ANREU

Internal (domestic) transfer: transfer emissions units and ACCUs between ANREU accounts.

Voluntary cancellation: cancel ACCUs and CERs from an ANREU account to a Commonwealth cancellation account. Once units have been cancelled, they are removed from circulation.

Safeguard surrender: for responsible emitters under the Safeguard Mechanism to surrender ACCUs.

Issuance: Issuance of CERs in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol and ACCUs under the ACCU Scheme.

Delivery: for ACCU Scheme participants to deliver ACCUs under a carbon abatement contract. This transaction type can only be made through a notification if the ANREU account holder has a carbon abatement contract in place.

All transactions in ANREU have a 2 part process:

  1. transaction initiation
  2. transaction approval.

If the account has 2 or more authorised representatives, each part must be completed by separate authorised representatives with the relevant permission.

For more information, refer to the managing units in ANREU user guide

  • Log in to ANREU
  • Decide what type of transaction you want to make

Start transaction

Safeguard surrender, ACCU contract delivery or relinquishment

These transactions can only be initiated using notifications that will display on the 'welcome to ANREU' page.

  • Select the relevant notification
  • Select ‘view details’ button of the delivery notification that you wish to action
  • Select start transaction

Internal, external or a voluntary cancellations

  • Open the ANREU account you want to use
  • Select ‘start transaction’
  • Select the unit block(s) or number of units
  • Select the receiving account for transfer of units and confirm selection

Once transaction details are complete, the next page shows a summary of the transfer transaction to be submitted including the from (transferring) and to (acquiring) accounts.

  • Select 'submit transaction' for approval for the transaction to proceed
  • Confirm the transaction by entering your password, then select the ‘submit transaction for approval’ button.
  • The PIN to approve the transfer will be emailed to all approvers for this account. They must approve this transaction or it won't be actioned.

The authorised representative with approver permission will receive an email with a PIN. They have to enter the PIN and approve or cancel the transaction.

  • Log in to ANREU
  • Select the ‘transaction log’ from the left hand menu
  • Use the ‘transaction ID’ and PIN to locate the transaction for approval
  • Confirm transaction details are correct
  • Enter the PIN and approve the transaction

The transaction is complete.

View transactions

You can view all your transactions in ANREU:

  • log in to ANREU
  • select ‘Transaction log’ from the left hand menu
  • use ‘Filter’ button to search, filter and select your transaction.

You can export data by selecting ‘export to Excel’.

Close account

The account holder must submit a request to close an ANREU account in writing. Make sure the account no longer holds units before you request to close it.

If the account holder is an individual and is deceased, the executor can submit the request. 

You can submit a request to close an account by contacting us.


You can find all of our ANREU transaction reports on public ANREU reports.