All Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme services are progressively moving from Client Portal to Online Services. This means that over time there will be one location for:

  • scheme enrolment
  • registering new projects
  • varying existing projects
  • reporting and crediting for existing projects
  • notifying us of events impacting your project
  • managing your project, including user permissions.

We have upgraded our systems to make participation easy and application processing faster. Read more about improving ACCU Scheme services

We’ll continue to update this page as new capabilities are rolled out in Online Services.

Drafts will be lost

Draft forms in legacy Client Portal can’t be transferred and will be lost once the method moves to Online Services. Our schedule below shows which methods will be affected and at what time.

Form transition schedule

ACCU Scheme forms are moving to Online Services during 2024. See the schedule below for the latest updates. We will publish dates for August and September releases closer to the time. 

2023 release (live)

  • Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration using Measurement and Models 
  • Landfill Gas 2015 (Compilation 1) 

26 June release 

  • Aggregated Small Energy Users 
  • Aviation 
  • Avoided Deforestation  
  • Beef Cattle Herd Management 
  • Carbon Capture and Storage 
  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Designated Verified Carbon Standard Projects  
  • Estimating Sequestration of Carbon in Soil Using Default Values 
  • Facilities
  • High Efficiency Commercial Appliances 
  • Industrial Equipment Upgrades 
  • Oil and Gas Fugitives 
  • Quantifying Carbon Sequestration by Permanent Mallee Plantings using the Reforestation Modelling Tool  
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Feeding Nitrates to Beef Cattle 
  • Reforestation by Environmental or Mallee Plantings – FullCAM (Compilation 2) (including Pilot projects) 
  • Refrigeration and Ventilation Fans 

August release 

  • Alternative Waste Treatment 
  • Animal Effluent Management 
  • Avoided Clearing of Native Regrowth 
  • Coal Mine Waste Gas 
  • Commercial and Public Lighting  
  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Wastewater 
  • Electricity Generation from Landfill Gas  
  • Industrial and Commercial Emissions Reduction 
  • Industrial Electricity and Fuel Efficiency 
  • Land and Sea Transport 
  • Landfill Gas 2015 (Principal) 
  • Measurement Based Methods for New Farm Forestry Plantations 
  • Quantifying Carbon Sequestration by Permanent Environmental Plantings of Native Tree Species using the CFI Reforestation Modelling Tool  
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fertiliser in Irrigated Cotton 
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Early Dry Season Savanna Burning1.1  
  • Reforestation and Afforestation 
  • Reforestation by Environmental or Mallee Plantings – FullCAM (Principal and Compilation 1) 
  • Savanna Fire Management Emissions Avoidance 
  • Savanna Fire Management Sequestration and Emissions Avoidance 
  • Source Separated Organic Waste 

September release

  • Emissions Abatement through Savanna Fire Management  
  • Human Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Even-Aged Native Forest-1.1  
  • Native Forest from Managed Regrowth  
  • Plantation Forestry 
  • Future releases (we will publish more information when updates are confirmed) 
  • Tidal Restoration of Blue Carbon Ecosystems

Variation forms

All forms to vary a project across all methods will move to Online Services in August 2024. 

During the transition, projects that have been registered in Online Services will need to use this same platform to submit a variation application. Please contact us if you need to use the new variation forms before their release in August 2024.  

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