All figures are sourced from the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) unless otherwise referenced. All statements in this report reflect current policy settings, other than in specific instances where the Australian Government has announced or is consulting on proposed policy changes.

This Quarterly Carbon Market Report (QCMR) represents the views of the CER at the date of publication. The CER is providing this information to the market to increase market transparency, help identify genuine low-cost carbon abatement opportunities, and assist entities that produce or need to source units and certificates under the schemes the CER administers. The CER has used its best endeavours to ensure the quality of the information in this document but cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The QCMR is not legal, business or financial advice. You should obtain independent professional advice on your circumstances before making any investment decisions. The information is provided as general information only. Neither the CER, nor the Commonwealth of Australia will accept liability for any direct, incidental or consequential loss or damage resulting from the QCMR, or the information provided through the QCMR, or the availability or non-availability of the QCMR.

1.006​/12/2023Initial publication
2.008/12/2023Revised figures for air source heat pump (ASHP) installations.