The Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census is an annual survey conducted by the Australian Public Service Commission. It provides us with insights into important workplace issues, including:

  • employee engagement
  • leadership
  • communication and change
  • inclusion and flexible working
  • innovation
  • wellbeing
  • performance
  • retention
  • behaviour.

Our agency results and action plan

Following the results of the census, we create an agency action plan. This plan covers key themes and goals that will enhance our operations.

Our business areas also create internal action plans that cover themes and goals specific to their area. These plans support the agency's action plan.

View our agency results and action plan below.

2023 results

APS Employee Census Results 2023 APS Employee Census Action Plan​ 2023

Results from previous years

APS Employee Census Results 2022 APS Employee Census Results 2021 APS Employee Census Results 2020