Battery storage systems can store electricity generated by renewable energy systems.

While you can receive a financial incentive for installing small generation units, solar water heaters and air source heat pumps under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, batteries and battery components are not eligible to participate. Some approved systems with an integrated battery may be eligible.

Installing battery storage systems

Batteries aren't eligible under the scheme. If you're planning to install a battery storage system, you can use:

Just like solar panels, a qualified person should install batteries.

Information for installers, retailers and agents

Information we collect

​We collect information about battery storage systems integrated with small generation units. We share this information with the Australian Energy Market Operator. They operate the national Distributed Energy Resource Register.

The register has information about distributed energy resource devices installed on-site at a residential or business location. Sharing this information improves:

  • the safety and security of power systems in the National Electricity Market
  • the Australian Energy Market Operator's operation of the electricity grid
  • the safety of consumers, line workers and installers
  • our ability to publish or share accurate information about battery storage systems.

Installers need to provide information to network service providers about installed:

  • solar photovoltaic systems
  • battery storage systems.

Requirements can vary from state to state. Contact a provider based in the state where the installation took place.

Disclosing battery systems

You can tell us about a battery system when registering a small generation unit in the REC Registry. Select 'connect to an electricity grid with battery storage' and include the information in additional details.

Providing this information is voluntary and doesn't affect your eligibility for small-scale technology certificates.


Only trained, accredited and licensed persons should install a battery system. All battery installations must meet requirements for:

  • your state or territory
  • federal regulations
  • electrical safety standards.