If you want to run a project under the Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme and earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCU) you need to:

  • register as a participant
  • register your project
  • open an Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU) account.

Before you start

It's important you understand the rules and requirements of running a project before you apply to participate. You also need to prepare certain documents to submit with your application.

Make sure you:

How to apply

You need to apply through Online Services to participate in the scheme.

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Follow these steps to apply to participate and register your project.

Prove your identity and fit and proper person status

You need to prove your identity and pass a fit and proper person (FPP) assessment before you can participate in the scheme. 

You will need: 

  • your identity documents 
  • a National Police Check certificate issued in the last 12 months. 

You can apply for a National Police Check online or complete the paper application form to authorise us to apply on your behalf.

  • If completing the online form, in section 2.3 select ‘Commonwealth Employment/Purpose’ for the purpose type and ’40 – Other Commonwealth Purpose ONLY’ for the purpose of check.
  • If completing the paper form, you will need to upload it as part of your application. 

There are different FPP requirements for carbon service providers. Refer to our carbon service provider FPP guide.

Register as a participant in Online Services.

Register your project

Once you’re registered as a participant you can apply to register your project. 

You will need to provide: 

Open an ANREU account

We issue ACCUs for your project to your ANREU account. You can’t receive ACCUs without one.

You must apply to open an ANREU account before you submit your first project report.

Find out how to open an ANREU account.

How we assess your application

When we assess your application we must be satisfied:

We will let you know if your project is approved or rejected.

If your project is approved, we'll send you a declaration of registration and an audit schedule. We will also publish its details on the ACCU Scheme project register. The register lists information about every ACCU project registered in Australia. It also lists the number of ACCUs issued for each project.

Complying with other laws

Project registration means you can participate in the scheme. It doesn't give you permission to conduct activities.

You still need to make sure you obtain permits and comply with any other state, territory and local requirements and laws to run your project. If you don't, we may not issue ACCUs for your project.