Geospatial data helps estimate greenhouse gas abatement. You may need to prepare and submit geospatial mapping for your Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme project when you:

  • apply to register a project
  • report estimated abatement
  • apply for ACCUs
  • vary a project
  • respond to a request for information.

The type and amount of information you have to provide will vary based on the method and your project activities.

Types of projects

You must provide some geospatial information for all area-based projects.

Geospatial information is needed to define area-based projects and to measure abatement.

Prepare your geospatial data 

The specific requirements for your geospatial information are set out in the applicable method. They usually include a single point location or detailed geographic boundaries or both. 

Make sure you understand the mapping requirements for your project. The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) Mapping Guidelines, method and method supplements set out the requirements for submitting geospatial data.

Carbon Farming Initiative Mapping Guidelines

To help prepare geospatial maps, use the CFI Mapping Guidelines.

You must follow the guidelines for all area-based methods. Some other methods also require mapping in accordance with the guidelines.

Mapping templates

You can use these templates to help structure your geospatial data:

Dataset requirements

Your geospatial data must include certain information depending on the application type and the method. Use our guidance on geospatial dataset requirements by method and application type to find out what is required.

Submit geospatial data

You must submit your geospatial data via Client Portal.

The Client Portal automatically validates your data. This functionality streamline application assessment. 

To use automatic validation:

  • Make sure your geospatial data includes the information required for the method and application type.
  • Put each geospatial data set in a zip file.
  • Upload one data set for each expected geometry type. For example, upload one zip file for project area and another zip file for carbon estimation area. 

If your data doesn't meet requirements, you may have to resubmit.

If you have geospatial data in a different format, you can still submit it by selecting the 'upload my data in another format'. It may take longer to process those applications.

Carbon estimation area (CEA) supplementary information

We are required to publish the CEA for most area-based ACCU Scheme projects on the ACCU project register.

You can choose to provide additional supporting or contextual information about the CEA data we publish. To do this: