High efficiency commercial appliance projects earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) by upgrading commercial appliances in buildings.

When to use this method

This method may be suitable for your business if you own industrial or residential buildings and can install one of the following technology types:

  • new air conditioners
  • close-control air conditioners
  • refrigerated display cabinets
  • liquid-chilling packages.

You can replace existing equipment, supplement existing equipment or install equipment where there was none before.



To be eligible for this method, your installed equipment unit must be:

You must also meet general eligibility requirements for the ACCU Scheme.

Relevant legislation:

  • Part 3 of the Act
  • section 7, section 10 and section 11 of the method

Method requirements

7 years.

Relevant legislation:
  • Part 5 of the Act

You'll need an electrician or qualified refrigeration mechanic to install your new appliances.

Relevant legislation:
  • section 13(f) of the rule

You must notify us of:

  • any safety issues identified with an installed equipment unit
  • any product performance issue you identify with an installed equipment unit.
Relevant legislation:
  • Section 34 of the method

Abatement is calculated by improving the efficiency of new equipment units compared to a baseline efficiency level. Baseline efficiency levels are calculated using the average of similar units through the GEMS register.

The 4 technology types use a slightly different calculations with different deemed factors to account for different equipment usage.

Relevant legislation:
  • Part 4 of the method

You must record the dates that each equipment unit is:

  • commissioned
  • dismantled
  • made inoperative.

Remember to also meet the record-keeping requirements of the Act and the rule.

Relevant legislation:
  • Part 17 of the Act
  • Part 17 of the rule
  • section 36B of the method

Your reports must:

  • identify each installed equipment unit, including information on locations, specifications and class
  • include information if excluding equipment units previously included.

Remember to also meet the reporting requirements of the Act and the rule.

Relevant legislation:
  • Part 6 of the Act
  • Part 6 of the rule
  • section 32 of the method

We provide you with an audit schedule when your project's declared.

You must provide audit reports according to this schedule.

We schedule at least 3 audits. Extra audits can be triggered.

For more information on audit requirements, refer to our audit information.

Relevant legislation:

  • Part 19 of the Act
  • Part 6 of the rule