Under the Safeguard Mechanism, we're required to publish information relating to emissions baseline determinations (baselines).

The safeguard baselines table includes facilities that have been issued a baseline determination under the Safeguard Mechanism.

The fact that a facility has a baseline determination does not mean that the facility will be covered by the Safeguard Mechanism in a particular financial year. Coverage depends on whether the facility's covered emissions for the relevant financial year exceed the 100,000 tonne carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) safeguard threshold.

Additionally, in the case of designated generation facilities that are connected to a designated electricity network (grid-connected electricity generators), facilities will only be covered if the sectoral baseline is exceeded.

Responsible emitters identified in the table can manage their emissions in multiple ways. For example, they can buy Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) to help keep their emissions down.

Facilities that meet or exceed the safeguard threshold in a financial year from 1 July 2016 onwards are referred to as designated large facilities for the purposes of the Safeguard Mechanism.

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Publishing requirements

We're required to publish information about baseline determinations, including if a baseline has been varied.

New requirements

Under the reformed scheme, there are additional requirements to publish:

  • the prescribed production variables and facility-specific emissions-intensities for an emissions intensity determination
  • trade-exposed baseline-adjusted (TEBA) facility decline rates
  • information about borrowing adjustments

Safeguard baselines table update​

We update the baselines table as baseline determinations are made and new information becomes available.

The data on this page reflects baseline determinations and declarations made and amended under the Safeguard Mechanism, prior to the reforms. We will continue to update this information as new determinations and declarations are made and new information becomes available. 

Summary of updates

UpdatesTotalSince last update
Number of baseline determinations published768
    Baseline determination type: reported
    Baseline determination type: calculated268
    Baseline determination type: production adjusted131
    Baseline determination type: landfill3
Multi-year monitoring period declarations66

Safeguard baselines table