The Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency (CERT) report is a voluntary initiative for eligible companies. It allows you to share the progress you are making on your climate related commitments with customers, investors, employees and the community.

The information is presented in one place, using a standardised framework.

Participation is open to companies reporting over 50 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) emissions a year under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Scheme.

Why participate?

The CERT report is an opportunity to be more transparent as demand for climate related disclosures increases.

The CERT framework allows you to present your progress using 3 types of data:

  • CER data verified: data your company reported to us through your NGER report, that we've verified.
  • Independently assured: data that's received limited or reasonable assurance from an independent assurance provider, organised by your company (in accordance with relevant standards and accounting methods). It is not verified by us.
  • Company assured: data your company provided to us that we haven't verified.

The CERT report can be used to support your corporate, financial or sustainability reporting obligations. It doesn't replace these existing arrangements. For example, while the CERT report can present progress on carbon neutrality, only the Climate Active initiative can certify a company as carbon neutral.

Insights from participating companies

Feedback and sentiment from companies that participated in previous years included:

The CERT report allows for standardisation and comparison, where our sustainability report doesn’t. It is a space for us to share our emissions and progress towards targets with stakeholders and the market.

It has the flexibility to report on a wide range of sustainability targets, improves the integrity of disclosures and is good for our reputation.

We see the value in terms of increasing transparency.

The CERT report provides a link to the regulatory schemes and highlights where third party assurance has been obtained. The CERT report is useful for reporting to the board on targets and progress.

We like the idea of everything being reported publicly and in one spot.

How to opt in

Opt-ins for the 2025 CERT report will open in late 2024.

If you would like further information on how to participate, contact us.

Find out more:


Learn more about the CERT report and market-based accounting by viewing one of our webinars.​

Introduction to CERT – November 2023

The CERT report tells the story of participants’ progress towards their climate related commitments alongside their peers. It uses a standardised framework that aligns with evolving international reporting frameworks. Eligible companies are encouraged to participate in this voluntary reporting process to build capability and demonstrate their company’s climate action progress to their stakeholders, customers, investors and the public.

This webinar includes:

  • how to participate in the CERT
  • types of climate-related commitments
  • how progress is reported against commitments
  • reporting process and timeline.
Watch the webinar

​Market-based accounting essentials – November 2023

Market-based accounting is an internationally recognised best-practice approach to electricity emissions accounting that empowers consumers to choose lower-emissions electricity sources. It is emerging as either a mandatory or an optional method in climate and emissions reporting and disclosure frameworks.

This webinar provides guidance on:

  • fundamentals of the electricity market and the Renewable Energy Target
  • difference between market-based and location-based accounting
  • tracking and claiming renewables
  • how emissions of various electricity sources are counted
  • treatment of on-site renewables (behind the meter consumption).
Watch the webinar