We’ve set some rules for our social media channels to make sure they're positive and useful for our community.

We use social media to share information about the Clean Energy Regulator and our work.

By using or posting on our social media channels, you're accepting our guidelines.

What you can expect from us

  • We will never ask you for personal or commercial information through social media
  • We will only seek personal or commercial information through our online systems, over the phone or from an official email account
  • We monitor our social media accounts during our opening hours

Using social media

We ask you to consider your behaviour when:

  • making comments or responding to posts
  • posting information to our wall, including photos
  • commenting underneath our post
  • tagging our accounts in a wall post.

You may express your views, ideas, insights and criticisms about the Clean Energy Regulator, but we don't tolerate inappropriate content. 

Inappropriate content

Inappropriate content includes information that is:

  • inflammatory
  • defamatory
  • discriminatory or hateful
  • commercial or promotional
  • spam
  • phishing material or malware
  • political
  • encouraging illegal activities
  • considered bullying and harassment
  • abusive
  • fraudulent, misleading or deceptive
  • infringes intellectual property laws
  • compromising your or another person’s privacy or personal details (for example, a phone number or email address).

We moderate our social media pages. We may ignore, hide or delete any content we deem inappropriate. If necessary, we may also block users.


Our social media channels are external sites run by third-party providers with their own terms and conditions. Make sure you're familiar with the policies of the channels when you use them.

We may share or repost social media content that contains information or links to material related to us. We may also follow or like organisations or individuals involved with or actively discussing relevant policy issues. This doesn't constitute endorsement by the Clean Energy Regulator.

On our channels, we are not responsible for:

  • the views of others
  • advertising
  • links to other websites or social media platforms.

We do not warrant that the information in our social media accounts is accurate, reliable, current or complete. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or cost arising from relying on any information in our social media accounts.

Social media privacy

By providing your personal information to our social media, you consent to us collecting and using your personal information for any lawful purpose. This could include:

  • displaying content
  • administering our social media accounts
  • addressing any comments made.

We won't disclose your personal information to any third-party. But we're not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties who may access the information you choose to make public.

Find out more about our privacy policy.

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