Our compliance and enforcement priorities identify particular areas of focus in each of the schemes we administer. We share them to increase voluntary scheme compliance and identify areas for improvement.

We also publish quarterly updates on emerging compliance and enforcement issues, including:

  • recent court decisions
  • issues brought to our attention
  • trends in compliance outcomes.

Our compliance and enforcement priorities for 2023-2024 include:

  • safeguard facilities who under-report emissions
  • verifying energy and emissions data, which can be used to check carbon emissions claims and address greenwashing
  • accuracy of climate-related commitments and context statements
  • liable entities with outstanding shortfall debts
  • truth and accuracy of written statements for small-scale technology certificates (STC)
  • sharing accurate and complete ACCU scheme reports
  • non-compliant or poor performing auditors.

Read more about our compliance and enforcement priorities and quarterly updates for 2023-24.