What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is when a company makes itself, its products or services seem more environmentally friendly, sustainable or ethical than they are.

For example, a company might claim its products create less carbon emissions than they really do. The company could gain financial and reputational benefits, even if it isn't reducing its emissions.

Why monitoring greenwashing is important

In Australia, we're aiming for a future with net zero carbon emissions. More people are choosing products and companies that contribute to this goal. That's why it's important to ensure what companies say about reducing carbon emissions or the carbon intensity of their products and services is accurate.

What we're doing to stop greenwashing 

Greenwashing is one of our enforcement priorities.

We collect and report on energy and emissions data that can be used to verify carbon emissions claims to help prevent greenwashing.

Regulatory support 

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are responsible for investigating greenwashing.

We work closely with other regulators to support their potential regulatory action. We share information, like carbon emissions and energy use data, to help them assess potential greenwashing claims.

We may also refer concerns to ACCC and ASIC for regulatory action.

Greenwashing is also an enforcement priority for ACCC and ASIC. To find out more about their priorities, visit:

Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency (CERT) Report

Each year, we publish the CERT Report. The report lets companies voluntarily share their progress on emissions and renewable electricity commitments.

Find out more about the CERT Report.

Participant reporting 

Participants in our schemes and activities must report certain information to us.

We ensure they meet their reporting obligations as set out in our education, monitoring and enforcement activities.

How you can help 

If you have any concerns about greenwashing, contact us.

To report fraud or other misconduct, go to our online reporting tool.