If you have a complaint about your solar retailer or concerns about your solar installation, there are some steps you can take. You can also follow the steps for concerns about solar water heater installations.

How to make a complaint

Before you lodge a complaint, find out about your consumer rights and guarantees.

If you have any concerns, review your sales contract to ensure you understand what your system is designed to do.

If you believe your systems is not performing as designed, contact the business that provided you the product or service.

You can find their contact details on the invoice or contract from your purchase or installation.

If you can't resolve the complaint with your retailer, you can lodge a complaint with your local state or territory's fair trading or consumer protection agency.

If you have concerns about the quality of your installation, you can lodge a complaint with Solar Accreditation Australia.

For solar water heaters, contact your installer.

Solar panel validation

Unfortunately, a small number of businesses have imported and installed substandard solar panels.

The Solar Panel Validation Initiative is a partnership between the Australian Government and the Australian solar industry to help protect you from non-genuine solar panels.

If your approved seller uses solar panel validation, they can provide you with evidence that your solar panels are verified.

Find out more about the Solar Panel Validation Initiative.

Reporting fraud

It's illegal for solar panel retailers to mislead consumers about the origin, performance, condition and quality of solar panels. Retailers who are caught sourcing and selling unapproved solar panels are subject to investigation by the relevant regulator or law enforcement agencies.

Agents caught committing an act of fraud or non-compliance, such as the creation of certificates based on the installation of unapproved panels, will be subject to enforcement action by us. This may lead to criminal charges.

We take all reports of fraud and non-compliance seriously. If you suspect fraud or non-compliance, you should report it to us.

Avoiding scams

We can't provide advice on solar retailers, designers or installation companies.

Use these resources to help you avoid scams: