Before you can apply to become a registered agent, you must complete our SRES Smart online tool. SRES Smart tests our agents and ensures they understand their obligations.

SRES Smart includes:

  • 3 learning modules
  • 3 knowledge checks
  • one self-assessment tool.

Each knowledge check has 10 questions. They are a mix of multiple-choice and true or false questions.

How to complete SRES Smart

Access SRES Smart via the Client Portal.

To complete SRES Smart, you must:

  • receive 80% or more on each knowledge check
  • receive all pass marks within 5 attempts.

To prepare for the knowledge checks, you should review all modules and your obligations as an agent. You have unlimited attempts at completing the modules before you attempt the checks.

If you have used your 5 attempts, contact us.

Once completed, your completed course will appear in the REC Registry.

Annual self-assessment

After completing SRES Smart, you should complete the self-assessment tool every year. This assures us you're continuing to meet your obligations and capability requirements.

While it's not required to be completed yearly, it is strongly encouraged.

If you don't complete the self-assessment yearly, we may:

  • delay application processing
  • investigate if you still meet all obligations and capabilities.

Modules and self-assessment

Module 1: being an agent

This module covers:

Find out more about module 1 in our being an agent video.

Module 2: legal obligations

This module talks about your legal obligations for:

  • creating, calculating and trading STCs
  • system eligibility and verification
  • collecting, recording, storing and providing records
  • reporting improper STC creation.

This module also covers how we confirm compliance and potential penalties if these obligations are not met.

Find out more about module 2 in our legal obligations video.

Module 3: best business practices

This module talks about best practices to protect yourself and your customers. This includes:

  • maintaining up-to-date knowledge about the scheme and relevant laws
  • risk management
  • training and overseeing staff.

Find out more about module 3 in our best business practices video.

Self-assessment tool

This tool consists of 8 questions about your:

  • responsibilities
  • expected capabilities
  • standards of practice.

Answering honestly will help you to improve your compliance and minimise the risk of penalties.

Find out more about our self-assessment tool.