There are things you need to do to ensure your products are eligible for small-scale technology certificates (STCs) if you're a manufacturer or importer of:

  • solar PV modules
  • inverters
  • solar water heaters
  • air source heat pumps.

Get your solar PV modules and inverters approved

Your solar panel components must be on the Clean Energy Council's (CEC) approved lists.

You can apply to have your systems added to the lists.

Check approved modules Check approved inverters

Provide solar PV data to the serial number ledger 

Once your products are listed on the CEC's approved list, you have additional obligations under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

You must provide serial numbers to the:

  • solar panel serial number ledger
  • inverter serial number ledger.

We use data in the ledger to assess the eligibility of STC claims. We cross-reference the serial numbers in claims with the serial numbers in the ledger.

Find out more about providing serial number data to the ledger.

List products on the solar water heater register

The register of solar water heaters lists all eligible solar water heaters and air source heat pumps.

Find out how you can apply to include or modify models in the register.

Calculate STC eligibility for solar water heaters

To help scheme participants in calculating STC eligibility for hot water systems, use:

We don't accept calculations based on other methodologies.

Technical details sheet

You must provide the technical details of each model selected for audit in the specified format. To do this, fill out the technical details sheet.

Template deck files

Use our template deck files to help with the product modelling process. Deck files are available for small and large systems.

Each zip file contains TRNSYS deck template files.

For small solar water heaters (less than 700 litre capacity) and ASHP decks:

  • integral external heat pump deck
  • pumped circulation electric boost deck
  • pumped circulation instant gas boost deck
  • separate heat pump deck
  • thermosyphon electric deck
  • thermosyphon gas deck
  • all include files
  • all weather files.
Download DomDecks V30h [ZIP 392 kB]

For large (greater than 700 litre capacity) decks:

  • pumped electric deck
  • pumped electric load-side heat exchanger deck
  • pumped gas recirculation finishing tank deck
  • pumped gas storage finishing tank deck
  • pumped instant gas boost deck
  • pumped instant gas load-side heat exchanger deck
  • thermosyphon electric deck
  • thermosyphon instant gas deck
  • all schematic diagrams
  • all include files
  • all weather files.
Download ComDecks V30h [ZIP 562 kB]