Liable entities must report relevant acquisitions that they make. This can be electricity they generate or buy from the grid.

You report by lodging an energy acquisition statement (EAS) each year. You must also surrender large-scale generation certificates (LGC) annually and small-scale technology certificates (STC) quarterly. 

If you surrender fewer LGCs and STCs than required, you'll be in shortfall and penalty charges may apply.

How to lodge an energy acquisition statement

You need to lodge your EAS in the REC Registry. You must do this between 1 January and 14 February for the prior calendar year.

The statement should include:

  • your company address and contact details
  • the amount of electricity acquired
  • the type of electricity acquired
  • the source and recipient of the electricity
  • the electricity network where the acquisition took place
  • the period of time of the acquisition
  • the point of measurement
  • any claimed exemption certificates
  • your certificate liability details.

Exemption certificates

If you have customers that engage in EITE activities you can get exemption certificates to reduce your liability. Your customer can apply for this exemption.

Use exemption certificates to reduce how many LGCs and STCs to surrender.

To report exemption certificates in an EAS include the:

  • exemption value (in megawatt hours)
  • exemption certificate identifier
  • EITE customer name
  • EITE activity.

Your customer should submit monthly data in the Client Portal by 16 January each year. This ensures that you receive the exemption with enough time to lodge your statement.

Where to find exemption certificate information

You can find information about exemption certificates in the Client Portal. You should contact your EITE customer for more details.

Your customer can provide you with access to:

  • notifications for exemption certificates
  • notifications for certifiable amounts
  • an exemption determination calculator.

Amending energy acquisition statements

You can amend your statement in the REC Registry within 12 months of lodging it. We can also amend statements within 4 years if needed or requested.

Statements can be amended to:

  • update settlement data provided by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
  • change or add exemption certificates
  • add unreported relevant acquisitions.

If your relevant acquisitions increase, you can surrender extra certificates.

Liability for specific scenarios

There are some cases where electricity is exempt from liability. You don't need to include these in your EAS. For more details refer to exemptions to relevant acquisitions.

If you only buy or generate exempt electricity you aren’t a liable entity. Make sure to always carry out proper metering and record keeping. We may request evidence to support your case.