Once large-scale generation certificates (LGC) have been created, traders and businesses can buy and sell them through the secondary market.

Anyone with a registered person account can trade in LGCs, but most LGCs are bought by liable entities to meet their surrender obligations.

Before you buy or sell LGCs

Before you trade LGCs, there are some important things you should know.

  • There is no set price for LGCs. The market price varies depending on supply and demand.
  • Negotiations and payments for LGCs must be made outside the REC Registry. The REC Registry doesn't have payment facilities.
  • The seller should only transfer certificate ownership after receiving payment from the buyer.

Learn more about the secondary market's supply and demand for LGCs.

Selling LGCs

You can sell LGCs on the secondary market to liable entities, LGC traders and individuals.

To sell LGCs:

  1. Find a buyer and negotiate the quantity, price and payment method.
  2. Enter into a purchase agreement with them.
  3. Make payment arrangements and receive payment.
  4. Transfer LGCs to the buyer in the REC Registry.

Buyers must accept the transfer in the REC Registry.

LGC sales

The sale of LGCs is a commercial contract for the sale of goods. The sale should be accompanied by complete and accurate paperwork.

Make sure you receive payment before you transfer LGCs in the REC Registry.

Withdrawing LGCs

You can withdraw an LGC transfer in the REC Registry under 'certificate transfers'.

You cannot withdraw if the buyer has already accepted the transfer.

Withdraw a certificate transfer

Buying LGCs

If you're an electricity retailer or liable entity, you can buy LGCs to meet your renewable energy obligations. If you're a liable entity, you can use this information to help meet your surrender obligations.

To source LGCs you can:

The secondary market

To buy on the secondary market, search:

Once you have completed your payment, the seller will transfer the certificate to your REC Registry account.

Find out how to accept a certificate transfer in the REC Registry.

Buy direct from a power station

To buy directly, you must have a power purchase agreement with that accredited power station.

A power purchase agreement is a contract between an electricity retailer and a power station developer. The contract allows the electricity retailer to source electricity or LGCs created by the power station.

You can make the agreement before building the power station or at a later stage. Signing before building can secure financial backing for the project.

Contracted LGC prices may be lower than the current market price.