Under the Renewable Energy Target, we're responsible for conducting inspections on small-scale renewable energy systems.

Our inspections ensure select systems under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme:

Through inspections we can identify and act on:

  • improperly created certificates
  • installations not meeting electrical standards listed in section 39 of the Regulations
  • requirements from the installer and designer accreditation scheme operator.

Systems owners won't incur costs for inspections.

We select inspections at random to view compliance across all installations. We may also select inspections when it's appropriate or necessary.

If your PV system is selected for inspection. You will be contacted by one of our inspection service providers to arrange for a time for inspection. Participation in inspection is voluntary. The inspection can only go ahead with your written consent.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Ensuring yearly inspections cover a statistically significant sample across all small-scale renewable energy systems
  • Appointing inspectors
  • Providing final inspection reports to the:
    • system owner or occupier
    • agent, system designer and installer
    • installer and designer accreditation scheme operator
    • relevant electrical safety authorities
  • Taking appropriate compliance and enforcement action for improperly created certificates

  • Checking installations followed relevant laws and standards
  • Reporting unsafe installations to relevant electrical safety authorities, distribution network service providers and the owner/occupier
  • Preparing written inspection reports
  • Recommending steps to rectify identified issues, prioritising safety and operational problems.
  • Providing final inspection reports to us

  • Administrating or enforcing electrical safety standards
  • Administrating or enforcing building design and construction safety
  • Regulating consumer protection

  • Managing solar installer and designer accreditation
  • Conducting training and provide guidance to the industry to address common installation defects and emerging risks
  • Enforcing rectification work by accredited installers
  • Manage and report to us on installer/designer compliance matters

Appointed inspectors

Appointed inspectors are individuals contracted to an inspection company:

  • independent of the system designer or installer
  • holding no conflict of interest with the installed system.

If you're appointed, you must:

  • receive training in order to maintain your accreditation from the accreditation scheme operator
  • hold an unrestricted electrical license in the relevant state or territory
  • understand your responsibilities
  • have experience and knowledge of relevant laws and standards
  • maintain a good reputation within the industry and act with honesty and integrity.

During inspections, you must:

  • get consent from the occupier to inspect
  • explain why you're inspecting to the occupier or their representative
  • leave the premises if requested by the owner or occupier
  • show your identity card before inspecting
  • follow all requirements and conditions of your electrical licence
  • follow relevant state or territory law.

During inspections, you may:

  • inspect, measure or test the system
  • take photos or record audio or video of the inspection
  • access the rooftop cavity of the property to carry out the inspection
  • ask questions about the design, installation and certification creation.

Inspection results

We publish inspection updates with summaries including:

  • the number of inspections conducted by state and territory
  • the number of system installations deemed unsafe or sub-standard
  • how the latest inspection results compare with previous years.
View our latest inspections update

Previous inspection updates

Inspection sample data analysis

We analyse a sample of inspections to investigate significant trends and long-term estimates. This helps to support government bodies' responsibilities to regulate electrical safety.

Residual systemic safety risks report

The Australian National Audit Office reviewed the Renewable Energy Target administration in 2018. We prepared a Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme residual systemic safety risks report responding to the review.

Our report includes:

  • the finding of the common cause of unsafe systems
  • recommendations to relevant government bodies to help improve system safety.
View our report