Application due date

Applications to amend certain details are due by 31 December of the exemption certificate year.

We recommend lodging as early as possible (within 30 days of a change).

If there were changes to your emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) activities, you'll need to amend your exemption certificate.

You have by 31 December each year to add or change your liable entity.

You have up to 4 years to:

Amendments may impact your liable entity. Make sure you discuss any amendments with your liable entity before you submit an application.

We can also amend certificates to:

  • correct the issued certifiable amount
  • change the certifiable amount period if an EITE activity ends.

We’ll notify you and your liable entity if we intend to make an amendment.

Relevant legislation: section 22ZN of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001.

Apply online

You can apply in the Client Portal to amend an exemption certificate issued.

You’ll need an account with admin access to do this. Make sure the primary contact details are up-to-date and your browser allows pop-ups.

Before you submit an amendment application, you should contact us.

Apply now

Provide supporting documents with your application

Reasons to amend your exemption certificate details and what you need to provide.

Change electricity retailer(s)

If you changed your retailer(s) (liable entity) you must provide proof of the ended contract.

Also provide a new electricity contract that has:

  • your name
  • the new electricity retailer details
  • the contract start and end dates
  • your customer billing meter(s) with physical site address.

Relevant legislation: section 22G, 22H, 22J of the Regulations.

Update your use amount formula

You may need to update your use amount formula if you change your:

  • billing or internal meters
  • onsite generators
  • non-EITE activities at the site
  • essential equipment at the site
  • electrical metering configurations
  • electricity use.

Provide this information in your revised basis of preparation report.

Change or end an EITE activity

Tell us straight away if there are any changes to your EITE activity such as:

  • the site is temporarily shut down for maintenance or to install new equipment
  • you plan to lodge your monthly data early or late in the calendar year
  • the site is shut down permanently.

These changes affect the certifiable amount period in your report.

Change the activity site owner

Tell us straight away if either:

  • you plan to sell or buy the site
  • the owner moves it between parent and subsidiary companies.

The current owner must either:

  • submit monthly data for the calendar year
  • change the primary account contact to the new owner.

This ensures the new owner gets benefits and notifications for the activity.

You must provide documents that prove you have the new owner's consent to apply.

Relevant legislation: section 22K of the Regulations.

Update your company details

To update your company details and users for your account you’ll need admin access. The admin can specify who can access forms and information about your application.

Audit report

You must lodge an audit report with your application if:

  • you expect the exemption amount to be over 15,000 MWh for the year
  • you updated your use amount formula
  • there were significant changes to the site
  • it’s been 5 years since you’ve submitted one for the site.

If any of the above apply, contact us before lodging your amendment.

Issued amendments

If we approve your amendment, we'll issue a notice to your account. If you’re the primary account contact, you can find your exemption certificate letter in your account inbox. If you became the primary contact after applying, contact us.

We only share information with the liable entity if you ask us to (during application or later).