Applications open 1 August and close 30 March after the calendar year.

If you carry out an eligible emissions-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) activity, you can apply for an exemption certificate. Find out if you’re eligible.

Before you apply

You’ll need to prepare and provide the following with your application:

  • contact details for your company and executive officer
  • site details such as the name, address and activities
  • use amount formula to work out how much electricity your activity uses each year
  • a basis of preparation report including approvals, site maps, and electrical line schematics
  • documents that identify you and the liable entity (such as an electricity retailer)
  • an electricity contract and other proof of being the site owner or operator
  • an audit report if the exemption amount is expected to exceed 15,000MWh the first time you apply to use the electricity use method or it has been 5 years since the last audit report. An audit report may also be requested by the regulator.

For full details refer to the requirements for exemption certificate application.

Apply online

To apply for an exemption certificate you’ll need a Client Portal account with admin access. Make sure the primary contact details are up-to-date and your browser allows pop-ups.

Through the portal, EITE companies can:

  • fill out and submit the ‘Apply for an exemption certificate’ form
  • respond to requests for more information during application assessment
  • keep track of estimated exemption amount during the year
  • provide electricity meter information to work out the exemption amount if applicable
  • get notified of the certifiable amount after the assessment year
  • get exemption certificates.

You’ll need to prepare and submit supporting documents with your application. We may also ask you to complete other forms as part of your application.

Existing applicants

You should fill out your application for the year based on your current EITE activity site setup. Keep in mind it may change from year to year.

Refer to your previous exemption certificate letter when filling out the form (not your previous application).

If you’re the primary account contact, you can find your exemption certificate letter in your account inbox. If you became the primary contact after applying, contact us.

Note: you can’t change the site’s owner after lodging an application. You’ll need to set up a new company in Client Portal to have access.

Apply now

Need help?

We recommend you understand your obligations and seek legal advice before making an application.

Find out more about requirements for exemption certificate application.

You can also contact us.

What happens next?

If your application is approved, we'll issue the exemption certificate(s) to your Client Portal account. You must contact your liable entity to negotiate terms of trade.

We only share information with the liable entity if you have nominated this in your application.

You must submit monthly data for your certifiable amount by mid January. This will ensure that your certifiable amount can be issued to your liable entity in time to meet their February liability obligation.