Project Proponent Date Registered Method Type Method Description Notes
BJ Herington and CA Herington as the Trustees for The Herington Family Trust 1/08/2023 Vegetation Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative - Plantation Forestry) Methodology Determination 2022
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This project sequesters carbon by transitioning a plantation forest to a permanent forest, in situations where that plantation is at risk of being converted to non-forested land. n/a
Project location Postcode Project Area(s) Mapping files
New South Wales 2478 2/DP1037930 The project is in the BALLINA SHIRE COUNCIL local government area(s). Project area mapping file (.kml)
Carbon Credit units
Total KACCUs issued Total KACCUs relinquished Total NKACCUs issued Total NKACCUs relinquished
0 0 0 0

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