The Emissions and Energy Reporting System (EERS) is available for 2022-23 reporting. You can log in to EERS to enter data and submit your reports.

Check this page regularly for updates to EERS and reporting.

Log in to EERS

2022-23 EERS changes

For the 2022-23 reporting year, there are changes to the system.

  • New fuel items:

    - 8A passenger car tyres, if recycled and combusted to produce heat or electricity

    - 8B truck and off-road tyres, if recycled and combusted to produce heat or electricity

    - 29A biomethane.

  • Names for fuel items 8 and 30 ('industrial materials derived from fossil fuels, if recycled and combusted to produce heat or electricity' and 'a biogas captured for combustion, other than those mentioned in items 28 to 29A').
  • The numerical factor used by methods 1 and 3 (Determination 3.81 and 3.82A) for estimating the proportion of 'unaccounted for gas' released as fugitive emissions from natural gas distribution systems was changed from 0.55 to 0.373.
  • Reporting of negative emissions has been allowed for applicable fuel combustion, ammonia production and hydrogen production activities.
  • Updates to emission factors used to estimate emissions resulting from the consumption of electricity purchased or lost from the grid (scope 2 emissions).

Identified issues for 2022-23 reporting

We provide actions to resolve identified issues for reporting.

If you can't resolve your issue, contact us.

Incorrect information for new accounts

If you registered for Client Portal or Online Services after 14 July 2023, your profile's address or phone number may have incorrect addresses and phone numbers.

To correct your details:

This must be done manually as it won't be resolved before the deadline for reporting.

Incorrect National Greenhouse Energy and Reporting (NGER) contact person or Executive Officer details in your NGER report

The incorrect NGER contact person or Executive Officer may appear on your NGER report. You can change these details by:

  • removing the draft report from EERS (if one has been generated)
  • having the NGER contact person or Executive Officer update their details through 'my profile' in the Client Portal
  • regenerating and submitting your EERS report.

Unable to add new EERS users

Users who registered an account after 12 July 2023 may not be able to add new users to EERS.

To fix this, an NGER contact person, executive officer or the organisation administrator can:

If you still can't add a new user, contact us.

To establish an NGER contact person, you can submit a form to add a new NGER contact person