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We’re launching our new website this weekend, 23 to 24 March.

What you can expect

We’ve built the new website around your needs. Improvements include:

  • better navigation and search: to make it easier to find what you need
  • easier to read content: correct information that’s understandable
  • cleaner design: simpler page designs that are easier to view.

System impacts

You will still be able to access our website over the weekend if you need to. There won’t be an outage during the launch, and while there may be some settling in, we expect a smooth transition.

Access to our other online systems, such as Online Services or REC Registry, won’t be affected by the website launch.


Our web address ( will stay the same. But the code structure and URLs of our website will change. We will have some redirects in place, but you shouldn’t rely on them. You should make time to review our new website once it’s live so you can update bookmarks, hyperlinks or automated data processes.

We’re excited to share the improved site with you!

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