The 2022-23 Safeguard Mechanism data has now been published.

There were 219 facilities covered under the Safeguard Mechanism for this period. Combined, they reported a total of 138.7 million tonnes of scope 1 CO2-e emissions. 

In 2022-23:

  • 100% of Safeguard entities met their Safeguard obligations
  • 2 Safeguard facilities received new multi-year monitoring periods

44 Safeguard facilities surrendered a total of 1,218,000 ACCUs Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) to manage their emissions.

Full details from the 2022-23 reporting period are published on Safeguard facility report emissions data.

Please note the Safeguard multi-year monitoring period (MYMP) table and Safeguard baselines table have also been updated to reflect new MYMP and baseline records. Additionally, the Safeguard facilities data for 2020-21 has also been updated to reflect resubmitted covered emissions data for 3 facilities.

The 2022-23 Safeguard Mechanism publication covers the last year of data before the commencement of the Safeguard Mechanism Reforms. The reforms, which commenced 1 July 2023, will be reflected in the 2023-24 publication.