We are committed to improving data transparency in line with the Australian Government’s Public Data Policy Statement.

Improving data transparency works to achieve our agency objectives. It helps potential investors identify opportunities in:

  • renewable energy
  • emissions reduction activities
  • energy efficiency.

Our open data policy

Under our open data policy, we:

  • publish non-sensitive, anonymous data that doesn't breach privacy or security requirements
  • publish high-value data for the public, industry, stakeholders and academia to use as permitted by legislation
  • focus on publishing information to meet specific demands from clients, data users and other stakeholders
  • release our data for free.

Protecting sensitive and personal data

Most of the data we hold is either commercially sensitive or relates to individuals. It's governed by non-disclosure provisions and the Privacy Act 1988.

Maintaining the confidentiality of data is important to us. We don't publish personal information as part of our open data policy. However, we may publish personal information for compliance and other regulatory purposes as required or permitted under legislation.

Access to our open data

We publish data on our website and data services. We also work with external agencies to share our data on data.gov.au and the NationalMap.

The data covers the schemes we administer. It includes data such as:

  • Australian Carbon Credit Unit Scheme project register
  • carbon abatement contract register
  • Quarterly Carbon Market Report
  • Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency Report
  • postcode boundaries.